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"My group, which included 40 people from different countries (Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Australia), used the services of Ms Anna Kraus in August 2012 and was very satisfied with her guiding and her huge body of knowledge."

Wolf Rechtman, Denmark
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"I had the great pleasure of having Ms. Kraus as a personal guide during my stay in Warsaw. Drawing on her vast knowledge of Polish and general history, Ms. Kraus expertly guided me through the streets of present day and past times Warsaw. Peppering every “dry” fact with unique anecdotes and fascinating tales, Ms. Kraus exposed me to the many layers of this beguiling city. Since I was especially interested in the capital’s Jewish past and present, Ms. Kraus focused on these aspects, proving herself to be widely versed in Jewish culture and traditions, and showing a deep understanding of the unique history of Polish Jewry. I was highly impressed by her professionalism and her ability to meet my every need on both content and logistical levels."

Dafna Dolinko, Israel
Museum Polin

"Ms Anna Kraus proved her deep historical knowledge and the ability to work with groups of youth and adults as well as creativity in implementing scenarios of tours and education workshops."

Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Poland
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"Anna Kraus was a city guide for fifth grade students of the American School of Warsaw. She showed great historical knowledge which she knew how to share with students in a profound and interesting way. Both the students and the teachers highly appreciate the professionalism and commitment of Ms Anna Kraus."

Ligita Stawarz, American School of Warsaw, Poland
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"Amizade has worked with Anna in the past and we have had an amazing experience every time. She is extremely knowledgeable on both Jewish and Polish history and culture, making her a competent and thorough tour guide, with the ability to excite and educate those participating in her tours."

Who I am

A few words about me

Anna Kraus

My name is Anna. I have been giving tours of Warsaw since 2010. I graduated with a history major, incorporat the diverse historical knowledge I have accumulated over the years in my tours, and use many pre-war photographs to illustrate this information. I love literature and during my trips I describe lives of the poets who used to walk down the streets of Warsaw. I am also interested in architecture, so please forgive me for my harsh critique of some of the achievements of twentieth-century architects… Since 2013 I have been travelling with my tourists to other Polish cities like Krakow, Lublin and Kazimierz Dolny.

What I Do

I provide services to organized groups as well as individual tourists. For every group or person I create an individual tour program.

  • Organized tours for individual tourists and groups
  • Creation of personalized tours
  • Professionally organized tour
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Comfortable transport (car or bus)
  • Reservations of hotels and restaurants
  • Protection and assistance in every matter
  • Tours in other cities such as: Lublin, Kazimierz, Toruń,Krakow and Auschwitz Birkenau
  • In addition I offer to conduct historical and genealogical research on your family history and hometown